Explosion at Petrol Station at Atomic junction near University of Ghana

Last Updated : October 27 2017

Explosion at Petrol Station at Atomic junction near University of Ghana

by Aloha Donaldson 2017 October 27

Explosion at Petrol Station at Atomic junction near University of Ghana

There was a massive explosion at a petrol-station in Atomic Junction, near University of Ghana in October 7, 2017 that killed several individuals. One of Ghana's government official confirmed that the explosion had resulted in multiple causalities and a large number of injured survivors. Billy Anaglate, the fire service spokesman confirmed to the public that at least seven people had been killed by the blast which had left scores of survivors with multiple severe burns. Reports showed vehicles that had been packed nearby were completely burnt out as the fire spread. Pictures from the explosion scene showed multiple charred cars & debris scattered across the street and around the two gas stations.

The explosion which started on Saturday evening at around 7.30 in the evening resulted into a very big fireball which could be seen on the eastern part of Accra city causing frightened residents living in the nearby apartments to flee their homes in large numbers.
A statement from Ghana's Ministry of information read by the local radio station on Sunday stated that more than seven people had died and 132 more were injured. However, half of those injured had already been treated and discharged with most of those admitted in stable condition.

The explosion had initially started when a natural gas tanker exploded at GOIL, a state owned station found in the suburbs of Legion, before spreading across the street to the nearby Total Petrol Station. More than 200 police personnel and six fire trucks were deployed to cordon off the area and contain the fire. Ambulances were also seen at the scene and those with serious injuries were taken to the nearby hospitals.

Videos circulating online showed students from University of Ghana hostels and those from Presbyterian Boys Snr. High School screaming and fleeing for their lives . A Computer Programming student known as Kobby Boateng said that he had just got back to campus in the company of his girlfriend on that fateful Saturday night. He added that they suddenly heard a loud sound followed by a flash which caused the whole building that they were in to shake before the electricity went out .His fellow students were running from their hostels , some were naked with the heat coming from the blast making things unbearable.

Amal Boateng, an Al Jazeera reporter in Accra said that many people were feared dead because the area in which the blast happened is one of the busiest part of Accra City. “This is a very busy inter-change & one of the main routes that goes out of the city, there are a lot of buildings & a lot of people in this area including many street vendorsĀ, she reported.

Early on Sunday morning, hundreds of people were seen walking towards the explosion scene to witness the extent of damage the explosion had caused. Authorities later said that the fire had been brought under control.

Note that this explosion is a reminder of a tragedy that happened in June 2015.The incident happened in a petrol-station found in the busy down town Accra inter-section exploded killing more than 150 people who had sought shelter from the heavy rainfall. Fuel which had leaked mixed with the rising flood waters and caught fire which caused a very big blast that trapped people and burnt the surrounding buildings. Also, In July this year a small unit in the tower building of Ghana's parliament caught fire although the blaze didn't cause any major damage.

This explosion is Ghana's worst disaster in more than a decade. Accra is a city that has about 7 million people and its infrastructure has failed to keep up with the pace of the rapid population growth even after years of rapid economic expansion.

Aloha Donaldson
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