The Impact of Social Media on Ghanaian Youth

Last Updated : October 30 2017

The Impact of Social Media on Ghanaian Youth

by Aloha Donaldson 2017 October 27

The Impact of Social Media on Ghanaian Youth


Social media has got a massive impact on youths. Many youths have embraced social media in Ghana. Social media being a very active platform where each and everytime of the day you can communicate with other members from other parts of the world. Social media has great impacts on the life of our Ghanian youths. Here are some of the visible impacts of social media on Ghanian youths both positive and negative.

Positive Impacts

Social media has great deals for youths. Most of the youths can now tell the importance of these social media. Here are some of the positive impacts of social media to youths.

1. Access of information. Social media has enabled the youths to access information posted in the social media sites. Youths are capable of knowing about job opportunities posted in this social sites either on Ghana and also outside Ghana. Social media updates youths on what is going in all parts of the world not only in Ghana.

2. Social media has improved the level of education of youths. Students with access to Internet are able to enroll in online classes and their education life has been made easier as they are able to do research on they specified fields.

3. Social media has exposed youths to Online jobs. Social media has enrolled many youths in online working sites. There are many sites that has absorbed many youths in article writing, web development, online marketing and other online jobs. This has improved the living standards of our youths as some are now making money online.

4. Social media has improved communication amongst youths. Youths interacts with fellow youths in the state and also other youths who are outside Ghana. This interactions has yielded many benefits as they share ideas in this sites. This has improved the social skills of youths in friendship making.

5. Social media is a form of entertainment. Youths are open to watch funny clips posted in the social sites. This has improved the creativity of youths where some have also started producing their own clips and posting them in the social sites. This has given youths the power to publish new items with less formalities.

Negative Impacts

There are many negative impacts of social media to our youths. Social media has a great effect on the moral values of youths. Here are major negative impacts of social media to youths.

1. Time wastage. Many youths have been addicted to social media. Youths spend much time chatting with friends and watching non-educative videos. This time could be spent something productive. Youths are just sitting in-house surfing instead of getting out to work.

2. Social media has exposed youths to pornographic videos and clips. This has lowered the moral values of youths. Youths are now copying the dressing codes from these sites. Youths are no longer as per our culture values as they are copying other people's behaviors and forgetting and boycotting ours as Africans.

3. Social media has exposed youths to cyber crimes. Some irresponsible youths can use stolen credit cards to transfer cash into their accounts therefore increasing the rate of criminal activities.

4. Social media has exposed youths to illegal trafficking of drugs and other illegal products. Youths are able to communicate with drug traffickers who hires them using this social media sites.


Despite the fact that social media has been widely adopted by youths, its productivity depends on how you use it. Social media is an open platform where you choose how you want to utilize it. It is up to the youths to choose whether to you want to use it prosper or not. Social media has got great deals for youths in Ghana and worldwide.

Aloha Donaldson
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