University of Ghana Hosts 2017 IAU Conference

Last Updated : October 30 2017

University of Ghana Hosts 2017 IAU Conference

by Aloha Donaldson 2017 October 27

University of Ghana Hosts 2017 IAU Conference

The International Association of Universities' (IAU) 2017 International Conference, facilitated by the University of Ghana, has quite recently finished following a concentrated three-day session (18-20 October 2017. Going to the Conference, was a two-day Global Meeting of Associations, held from 17-18 October 2017.

The beginning of Keynote was delivered by Professor Pedro Teixeira, Bad habit Minister for Scholastic Issues, University de Porto, Portugal in the precious Great Hall of the University of Ghana. The formal Opening of the Conference was held at ISSER Conference Office, went to by IAU President, Professor Pam Fredman, Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu, Bad habit Chancellor, University of Ghana, Secretary-General of the IAU, Dr. Hilligje can't Land.

The International Association of Universities (IAU) has held a 3-day conference on the subject "Authority for an evolving Public-Private Advanced education Subsidizing Landscape" facilitated by the University of Ghana. The three-day conference was gone before by the Global Meeting of Associations inside the IAU.

The 3-day occasion started with an inaugural keynote on the topic for the conference by Professor Pedro Teixeira, Bad habit Minister for Scholarly Issues, University of Porto, Portugal.

In his address, he called attention to that, the enormous development of Advanced education in both public and private foundations was vital because of monetary reasons as well as because of the open doors it gives degree holders. This he said has put money related weight on the organizations as scholarly staff and society have exclusive standards for them in their endeavors to give better offices.

Prof. Teixeira additionally addressed some significant patterns in Advanced education Financing Arrangement, wellsprings of wage diversification and some principle institutional challenges to income diversification for assist consideration by members.

Officially opening the function, Professor Kwesi Yankah, Priest of State for Tertiary Education recognized the diminishing assets from the state because of similarly contending consumptions in different divisions. He likewise communicated grave stress over the unreasonable arrangement of African Universities in the global rankings, saying that despite the fact that it was not a solid instrument for measuring scholastic standards, it, however, has an undulating impact on the picture of education in Africa.

In any case, Prof. Yankah approached both public and private Universities in Africa to cooperate to devise practical methods for financing advanced education and making themselves alluring on the global market. He implored members to examine on what he depicted as skewed relocation designs and create essential methodologies to realize adjust and value.

The leader of IAU, Professor Pam Fredman stretched out her profound gratefulness to the University of Ghana, and every single other partner for the various parts played in facilitating the current year's conference. She noticed that since it was the mission of the IAU to be an essential voice for the advancement and progression of advanced education, there was the need a unified front with a certain end aim to advocate for change at global levels.

Inviting members, the Bad habit Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu reproved members for being mindful not to lose the opportunities and qualities that accompany being the world's information economy in their hunt to discover inventive and cunning methods for self-sustenance.

Dr. Hilligie Van't Land, Secretary-General of the IAU, while recognizing the help of the host foundation, University of Ghana, in encouraging game plans for the Conference, reported the University of Malaya in Malaysia as the host for the 2018 IAU Conference.

Members amid whole sessions pondered on the parts and desires for and of advanced education pioneers today, advanced education and research; moral challenges for a changing world and institutional and societal desires of advanced education initiative.

The three-day conference united more than 200 members from IAU part universities over the globe. Among the dignitaries exhibit at the Opening Function was Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, Clergyman for Education.

The 2017 IAU Conference was peaked with an occasion supper, and members later took a voyage through the University people group and a few sections of Ghana.

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