Vice President Bawumia visits Legon students after Atomic inferno

Last Updated : October 27 2017

Vice President Bawumia visits Legon students after Atomic inferno

by Aloha Donaldson 2017 October 27

Vice President Bawumia visits Legon students after Atomic inferno

On Saturday in Accra, there was a serious and also dangerous accident that happens at the Atomic Junction, near Madina. The accident includes gas explosion which accidentally affects and also killed seven student and there were one hundred and thirty-two student who sustained some varying degrees of injury. Sixty-eight people are receiving medical attention while sixty-four people have been discharged.

Additionally, during this dangerous scene, a number of properties worth a lot of money or a lot of cedis were also destroyed. A number of vehicles which were parked near and also at the accident scene burned beyond repair. Thus a number of people lost a big sum of cedis.

After the scene, the injured student were taken to the hospital in order to receive the essential treatment. The injured people families effectively started visited their loved one in order to check their health situation. However, on Sunday the Vice president of Accra known as Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia manages to visits Legon students who mainly suffered from the gas explosion at the Atomic junction. The vice president of Accra Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia was effectively accompanied by some of the government and also personnel officials mainly from the state fire service which is known as Ghana National Fire Service to a number of different hospitals where the victim of this scene were receiving the medical attention.

Dr. Bawumia the vice president of Accra used this special opportunity to heartily sympathize with the scene survivors, and also he used this opportunity to wish the victim a speedy recovery. Dr. Bawumia also extended the condolences mainly to the bereaved families. Additionally, he said that the government of Accra will effectively foot the full medical bills mainly to the injured and also affected victim. Also, he said that the efforts are effectively being made in order to introduce the policy that essentially will sanitize the entire fuel retail sector mainly in order to avoid such scene of explosions.

Also the vice president Dr. Bawumia states that this scene is among the many scenes of the gas explosion which has happened in continuous three years. He numbered this scene as the eighth gas explosion in Accra which has killed at around 30 people. Thus, this means that the citizens of Ghana effectively need a solid policy in order to deal with these matters of the gas explosion once and for all said the vice president. Also, he said that the government and also the country will have to take this matter very seriously. This, the time it is not about committees upon other committee's but this time it is action time.

The vice president Dr. Bawumia also said that the most important thing is to put first the safety of the people above everything else. Thus it will be for the interest of people of this country for the government to implement new policy directions. Also, he added by saying that some of the new policy to be implemented, they must be followed by every business person and the one who will effectively resist to the new policy, one will be judged by the law. However, while making these new policies, the government will involve other firms such as the National Petroleum Authority, the fire service and also the ministry of energy.

Dr. Bawumia the vice president thanked the entire health service and also the security services mainly on behalf of the president of this country and also the entire country for their good efforts in bringing the entire fire under control and also by more preventing the loss of more properties and also the loss of more lives.

Finally, he announced that entire government will effectively soon roll out the stringent policies mainly on the citing and also the operation of the gas filling station around the entire country.

Aloha Donaldson
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