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The Impact of Social Media on Ghanaian Youth

The Impact of Social Media on Ghanaian Youth


Social media has got a massive impact on youths. Many youths have embraced social media in Ghana. Social media being a very active platform where each and everytime of the day you can communicate with other members from other parts of the world. Social media has great impacts on the life of our Ghanian youths. Here are some of the visible impacts of social media on Ghanian youths both positive and negative.

Positive Impacts

Social media has great deals for youths. Most of the youths can now tell the importance of these social media. Here are some of the positive impacts of social media to youths.

1. Access of information. Social media has enabled the youths to access information posted in the social media sites. Youths are capable of knowing about job opportunities posted in this social sites either on Ghana and also outside Ghana. Social media updates youths on what is going in all parts of the world not only in Ghana.

2. Social media has improved the level of education of youths. Students with access to Internet are able to enroll in online classes and their education life has been made easier as they are able to do research on they specified fields.

3. Social media has exposed youths to Online jobs. Social media has enrolled many youths in online working sites. There are many sites that has absorbed many youths in article writing, web development, online marketing and other online jobs. This has improved the living standards of our youths as some are now making money online.

4. Social media has improved communication amongst youths. Youths interacts with fellow youths in the state and also other youths who are outside Ghana. This interactions has yielded many benefits as they share ideas in this sites. This has improved the social skills of youths in friendship making.

5. Social media is a form of entertainment. Youths are open to watch funny clips posted in the social sites. This has improved the creativity of youths where some have also started producing their own clips and posting them in the social sites. This has given youths the power to publish new items with less formalities.

Negative Impacts

There are many negative impacts of social media to our youths. Social media has a great effect on the moral values of youths. Here are major negative impacts of social media to youths.

1. Time wastage. Many youths have been addicted to social media. Youths spend much time chatting with friends and watching non-educative videos. This time could be spent something productive. Youths are just sitting in-house surfing instead of getting out to work.

2. Social media has exposed youths to pornographic videos and clips. This has lowered the moral values of youths. Youths are now copying the dressing codes from these sites. Youths are no longer as per our culture values as they are copying other people's behaviors and forgetting and boycotting ours as Africans.

3. Social media has exposed youths to cyber crimes. Some irresponsible youths can use stolen credit cards to transfer cash into their accounts therefore increasing the rate of criminal activities.

4. Social media has exposed youths to illegal trafficking of drugs and other illegal products. Youths are able to communicate with drug traffickers who hires them using this social media sites.


Despite the fact that social media has been widely adopted by youths, its productivity depends on how you use it. Social media is an open platform where you choose how you want to utilize it. It is up to the youths to choose whether to you want to use it prosper or not. Social media has got great deals for youths in Ghana and worldwide.

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One Corner Patapaa goes crazy on Legon Campus

One Corner Patapaa goes crazy on Legon Campus

The 'man existing apart from everything else,' Patapaa, sent gathering of people at the Akuafo Hall Week Artiste Night gay where he mounted the phase to play out his hit song, 'One Corner' throughout the end of the week.

In spite of criticisms by a section of general society on how the song which expects one to separate oneself of every a corner and play out a sexually fortifying dance is abhorrent soul enlivened, the get-together had paid no notice to that school of thought as they rotated to the prominent song.For the individuals who were available, it will be a vital night!

The Artiste Night is the action to peak corridor week celebrations on the University of Ghana campus.

'One Corner' at present the greatest song in the nation, has seen individuals go gaga and share in an online networking challenge if they either roost on objects, go under autos, seats or whatever or segregate themselves on the ground to make a wild rotating move.

A few VIPs, including Mavin Record endorser Reekado Banks and Falz, have recorded themselves sharing in the 'One Corner' dance.

As per Patapaa's manager, the hit song has gone worldwide and has picked up attention from higher media and acclaimed individuals.

Godfred Bokpinclaimed his artiste's song has earned a mention by CNN and has taken Ghana far.

"CNN has announced the song, and Chris Brown has likewise tweeted about the one corner song," the pleased manager revealed when he was inquired as to why he supposes the 'One Corner' song had get into international.

He said "There's presumably that the hit song 'One Corner' has advanced outside Ghana...with individuals soliciting the root from this song that accompanies its abnormal dance. There are recordings of individuals far and wide moving to this hit song."

Should false exposure be considered important? Hitz FM's checks through Chris Brown's twitter channel to verify the realness of the tweet, be that as it may, found non tweet concerning the 'One Corner' song or Patapaa.

Hitz FM likewise assembles that the claimed story by CNN on 'Once Corner' may have additionally been photoshopped.

The understudies, including nine females and four guys, showed up in a video that became famous online via web-based networking media which indicated them danced to the well known 'One Corner' song from one of their classrooms.

The understudies were said to have taken the video and shared it on their personal Facebook pages and YouTube.

The circulation of the video provoked a swift action by school specialists who summoned them for interrogation.

Guardians of the understudies were welcomed by school experts on Tuesday for a meeting which went on for a considerable length of time.

Management of the school confirmed the improvement to Citi News and said the issue was alluded to the Disciplinary Committee and answered to the Ashanti Regional Education Directorate.

As indicated by management, it would sit tight for the result of investigations from the board of trustees before deciding on the issue.

Then, a few understudies who addressed Citi News on condition of anonymity communicated reservations on the issue.

They say the actions of their associates have a capability of scratching the picture of the school considering its Islamic esteems.


About the 'One Corner' song/dance

The song ' One Corner ' discharged by another artiste, Patapaa, is the discussion of town to a great extent because of the crazy and sexually suggestive dance that accompanies it.

The song is at present getting a charge out of monstrous airplay and furthermore playing at different open occasions, with a few others moving to the song and sharing recordings via web-based networking media.

In the 'One Corner' dance, individuals are seen squirming their abdomen and spinning in drains, under pressed autos, corners of structures and cloud put just to offer significance to the song.

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University of Ghana Hosts 2017 IAU Conference

University of Ghana Hosts 2017 IAU Conference

The International Association of Universities' (IAU) 2017 International Conference, facilitated by the University of Ghana, has quite recently finished following a concentrated three-day session (18-20 October 2017. Going to the Conference, was a two-day Global Meeting of Associations, held from 17-18 October 2017.

The beginning of Keynote was delivered by Professor Pedro Teixeira, Bad habit Minister for Scholastic Issues, University de Porto, Portugal in the precious Great Hall of the University of Ghana. The formal Opening of the Conference was held at ISSER Conference Office, went to by IAU President, Professor Pam Fredman, Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu, Bad habit Chancellor, University of Ghana, Secretary-General of the IAU, Dr. Hilligje can't Land.

The International Association of Universities (IAU) has held a 3-day conference on the subject "Authority for an evolving Public-Private Advanced education Subsidizing Landscape" facilitated by the University of Ghana. The three-day conference was gone before by the Global Meeting of Associations inside the IAU.

The 3-day occasion started with an inaugural keynote on the topic for the conference by Professor Pedro Teixeira, Bad habit Minister for Scholarly Issues, University of Porto, Portugal.

In his address, he called attention to that, the enormous development of Advanced education in both public and private foundations was vital because of monetary reasons as well as because of the open doors it gives degree holders. This he said has put money related weight on the organizations as scholarly staff and society have exclusive standards for them in their endeavors to give better offices.

Prof. Teixeira additionally addressed some significant patterns in Advanced education Financing Arrangement, wellsprings of wage diversification and some principle institutional challenges to income diversification for assist consideration by members.

Officially opening the function, Professor Kwesi Yankah, Priest of State for Tertiary Education recognized the diminishing assets from the state because of similarly contending consumptions in different divisions. He likewise communicated grave stress over the unreasonable arrangement of African Universities in the global rankings, saying that despite the fact that it was not a solid instrument for measuring scholastic standards, it, however, has an undulating impact on the picture of education in Africa.

In any case, Prof. Yankah approached both public and private Universities in Africa to cooperate to devise practical methods for financing advanced education and making themselves alluring on the global market. He implored members to examine on what he depicted as skewed relocation designs and create essential methodologies to realize adjust and value.

The leader of IAU, Professor Pam Fredman stretched out her profound gratefulness to the University of Ghana, and every single other partner for the various parts played in facilitating the current year's conference. She noticed that since it was the mission of the IAU to be an essential voice for the advancement and progression of advanced education, there was the need a unified front with a certain end aim to advocate for change at global levels.

Inviting members, the Bad habit Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu reproved members for being mindful not to lose the opportunities and qualities that accompany being the world's information economy in their hunt to discover inventive and cunning methods for self-sustenance.

Dr. Hilligie Van't Land, Secretary-General of the IAU, while recognizing the help of the host foundation, University of Ghana, in encouraging game plans for the Conference, reported the University of Malaya in Malaysia as the host for the 2018 IAU Conference.

Members amid whole sessions pondered on the parts and desires for and of advanced education pioneers today, advanced education and research; moral challenges for a changing world and institutional and societal desires of advanced education initiative.

The three-day conference united more than 200 members from IAU part universities over the globe. Among the dignitaries exhibit at the Opening Function was Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, Clergyman for Education.

The 2017 IAU Conference was peaked with an occasion supper, and members later took a voyage through the University people group and a few sections of Ghana.

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Explosion at Petrol Station at Atomic junction near University of Ghana

Explosion at Petrol Station at Atomic junction near University of Ghana

There was a massive explosion at a petrol-station in Atomic Junction, near University of Ghana in October 7, 2017 that killed several individuals. One of Ghana's government official confirmed that the explosion had resulted in multiple causalities and a large number of injured survivors. Billy Anaglate, the fire service spokesman confirmed to the public that at least seven people had been killed by the blast which had left scores of survivors with multiple severe burns. Reports showed vehicles that had been packed nearby were completely burnt out as the fire spread. Pictures from the explosion scene showed multiple charred cars & debris scattered across the street and around the two gas stations.

The explosion which started on Saturday evening at around 7.30 in the evening resulted into a very big fireball which could be seen on the eastern part of Accra city causing frightened residents living in the nearby apartments to flee their homes in large numbers.
A statement from Ghana's Ministry of information read by the local radio station on Sunday stated that more than seven people had died and 132 more were injured. However, half of those injured had already been treated and discharged with most of those admitted in stable condition.

The explosion had initially started when a natural gas tanker exploded at GOIL, a state owned station found in the suburbs of Legion, before spreading across the street to the nearby Total Petrol Station. More than 200 police personnel and six fire trucks were deployed to cordon off the area and contain the fire. Ambulances were also seen at the scene and those with serious injuries were taken to the nearby hospitals.

Videos circulating online showed students from University of Ghana hostels and those from Presbyterian Boys Snr. High School screaming and fleeing for their lives . A Computer Programming student known as Kobby Boateng said that he had just got back to campus in the company of his girlfriend on that fateful Saturday night. He added that they suddenly heard a loud sound followed by a flash which caused the whole building that they were in to shake before the electricity went out .His fellow students were running from their hostels , some were naked with the heat coming from the blast making things unbearable.

Amal Boateng, an Al Jazeera reporter in Accra said that many people were feared dead because the area in which the blast happened is one of the busiest part of Accra City. “This is a very busy inter-change & one of the main routes that goes out of the city, there are a lot of buildings & a lot of people in this area including many street vendorsĀ, she reported.

Early on Sunday morning, hundreds of people were seen walking towards the explosion scene to witness the extent of damage the explosion had caused. Authorities later said that the fire had been brought under control.

Note that this explosion is a reminder of a tragedy that happened in June 2015.The incident happened in a petrol-station found in the busy down town Accra inter-section exploded killing more than 150 people who had sought shelter from the heavy rainfall. Fuel which had leaked mixed with the rising flood waters and caught fire which caused a very big blast that trapped people and burnt the surrounding buildings. Also, In July this year a small unit in the tower building of Ghana's parliament caught fire although the blaze didn't cause any major damage.

This explosion is Ghana's worst disaster in more than a decade. Accra is a city that has about 7 million people and its infrastructure has failed to keep up with the pace of the rapid population growth even after years of rapid economic expansion.

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Vice President Bawumia visits Legon students after Atomic inferno

Vice President Bawumia visits Legon students after Atomic inferno

On Saturday in Accra, there was a serious and also dangerous accident that happens at the Atomic Junction, near Madina. The accident includes gas explosion which accidentally affects and also killed seven student and there were one hundred and thirty-two student who sustained some varying degrees of injury. Sixty-eight people are receiving medical attention while sixty-four people have been discharged.

Additionally, during this dangerous scene, a number of properties worth a lot of money or a lot of cedis were also destroyed. A number of vehicles which were parked near and also at the accident scene burned beyond repair. Thus a number of people lost a big sum of cedis.

After the scene, the injured student were taken to the hospital in order to receive the essential treatment. The injured people families effectively started visited their loved one in order to check their health situation. However, on Sunday the Vice president of Accra known as Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia manages to visits Legon students who mainly suffered from the gas explosion at the Atomic junction. The vice president of Accra Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia was effectively accompanied by some of the government and also personnel officials mainly from the state fire service which is known as Ghana National Fire Service to a number of different hospitals where the victim of this scene were receiving the medical attention.

Dr. Bawumia the vice president of Accra used this special opportunity to heartily sympathize with the scene survivors, and also he used this opportunity to wish the victim a speedy recovery. Dr. Bawumia also extended the condolences mainly to the bereaved families. Additionally, he said that the government of Accra will effectively foot the full medical bills mainly to the injured and also affected victim. Also, he said that the efforts are effectively being made in order to introduce the policy that essentially will sanitize the entire fuel retail sector mainly in order to avoid such scene of explosions.

Also the vice president Dr. Bawumia states that this scene is among the many scenes of the gas explosion which has happened in continuous three years. He numbered this scene as the eighth gas explosion in Accra which has killed at around 30 people. Thus, this means that the citizens of Ghana effectively need a solid policy in order to deal with these matters of the gas explosion once and for all said the vice president. Also, he said that the government and also the country will have to take this matter very seriously. This, the time it is not about committees upon other committee's but this time it is action time.

The vice president Dr. Bawumia also said that the most important thing is to put first the safety of the people above everything else. Thus it will be for the interest of people of this country for the government to implement new policy directions. Also, he added by saying that some of the new policy to be implemented, they must be followed by every business person and the one who will effectively resist to the new policy, one will be judged by the law. However, while making these new policies, the government will involve other firms such as the National Petroleum Authority, the fire service and also the ministry of energy.

Dr. Bawumia the vice president thanked the entire health service and also the security services mainly on behalf of the president of this country and also the entire country for their good efforts in bringing the entire fire under control and also by more preventing the loss of more properties and also the loss of more lives.

Finally, he announced that entire government will effectively soon roll out the stringent policies mainly on the citing and also the operation of the gas filling station around the entire country.

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Interaction with freshmen at the 2017 University of Ghana matriculation

Interaction with freshmen at the 2017 University of Ghana matriculation

The University of Ghana throughout the end of the week held the 2016 Matriculation function at which more than 10,000 students were formally invited to the University for the 2016/2017 academic year.

Proceeding with students and Legon graduates can concur that matriculation time is a horrible time for your pocket. The pack of deceivers of Make-up artistes and photographers will jump on you with offers (half of which you won't see on the D-Day) for ridiculous amounts.

Presently, freshmen would have the capacity to pay as meager as GH¢5.00 and be qualified for 5 delicate duplicates and 2 printed copies of their photos right away. The arrangement has likewise been made with the expectation of complimentary makeovers previously the photoshoot and obviously, snacks, while you hang tight.

Conveying his address, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu, exhorted freshmen and freshwomen to attempt to comply with the tenets and directions of the University and to make great utilization of the learning condition and academic offices and openings at the university.

Prof. Owusu expressed that for the 2016/2017 academic year, the University got a total of 40,435 applications, made up of 32,843 undergraduate and 7,592 graduate applications. Out of these numbers, the University could offer admission to 25,295 students. The Vice-Chancellor noticed that 7,611 undergraduates and 2, 940 graduate students have enlisted for the 2016/17 academic year.

Every single crisp understudy is warmly welcome to the University of Ghana Separation Education Program keep running by the School of Proceeding and Separation Education under the School of Education.

The method of conveyance of the Separation Education Program is a blend of E-learning and up close and personal communication. Students are in this way anticipated that would have a laptop or any electronic device equipped for getting E-learning assets/materials for the program.

Tutorials will regularly be held at ends of the week, and students are relied upon to interface with their speakers, tutors and different students utilizing the Students Learning Administration Framework (SAKAI) Students will be prepared on the utilization of Sakai amid the introduction program.

The flyer contains the accompanying data:

1. Synopsis of Academic Logbook

2. Technique for Enrollment

3. Notification on Introduction, Matriculation and Handbooks/ID Cards

4. Notice for BSc. Data Innovation Students

5. Getting to Course Materials On the web

6. Contact Points of interest

The university of Ghana has held its yearly matriculation function to authoritatively welcome crisp students to seek after different projects in the school.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ebenezer Oduro-Owusu in his address on Saturday asked crisp students to make magnificence their watchword as they begin their academic trip. He said greatness would be accomplished by adjusting academic work with additional educational module social exercises in the exact extent.

He worried on the requirement for students to create aptitudes in basic considering and be diagnostic as they seek after courses towards their different fields of the try. He said the essential go for their enlistment is to empower them to examine and enhance their insight base to end up noticeably better residents and asked them to divert their energies toward that path.

Professor Oduro Owusu additionally urged the crisp students to be of good conduct and live as per the standards and directions of the University while seeking after their projects. He likewise approached them to help the university by coordinating and staying committed to the University's vision of turning into a world-class establishment of higher learning.

Remarking on the affirmations procedure, Prof. Oduro noticed that for the 2017/2018 academic year the University got a total of 41,395 applications for the undergraduate level and 4,198 graduate applications. Out of this number, the University could offer admission to 22,953 at the undergraduate level out of which 9,854 enrolled. A total of 723 global students of different nationalities made up of 506 undergraduates, and 217 graduate students have selected and are seeking after different projects.

In his appreciated proclamation, the Acting Enlistment center Mr. Enoch Amartey, helped students to remember their obligation to embrace their investigations truly. Mr. Amartey later controlled the Matriculation Promise to present participation status for the new students as per University of Ghana Act 2010, Act 806.

Ms. Maame Ama Saa Mensah from the School of humanities, who talked in the interest of the matriculants drew the consideration of the University to a few difficulties being looked by crisp students. She encouraged the university experts to enhance the enlistment framework.

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Commonwealth Master's Scholarship at the University of Ghana

Commonwealth Master's Scholarship at the University of Ghana

The university of ghana says: 'Established in 1948, the university of ghana, is the largest university in Ghana. The university's mission is to create world-class human resource and capabilities to meet national improvement needs and common challenges through quality educating, learning, research and information dissemination.

University of Ghana campus

the university of ghana is home to numerous international students and scholars from across the globe. Our neighborly learning condition offers the best international education. On the off chance that you are hoping to study at the best class university in Africa, this is the best place to be Legon, the slope of information.' A tranquil and rich social setting awaits you at the university of ghana.'


For all the more course information, visit

The scholarship

One scholarship is accessible, starting in August 2017. The scholarship provides full educational cost fees, an arrival economy flight, an entry recompense and a general stipend (living remittance). The scholarship is for Master's study just and is not relevant to a distance adapting course. The scholarship is for another student just and can't be used to subsidize a course you have just started. No extra subsidizing will be given for applicants families. The scholarship is for a most extreme of two years or the length of the course, whichever is shorter.


Applicants must be a native of a Commonwealth nation other than Ghana.

Applicants must hold a Bachelors level of at least upper secondary level.

The most effective method to apply.

Finish the application frame beneath in as much detail as possible and submit it by email to [email protected]. As well as the application shape, applicants must submit the accompanying:

Secondary school certificates

Undergraduate transcripts and graduation certificate

At least one scholarly reference

Scan of passport or national ID card

Proof of English dialect capacity if English is not your first dialect

University offer letter for the course you have connected for on the off chance that you as of now have one.

It is perhaps the ultimate long for some students, my self-included, to pursue a master degree overseas after school. Be that as it may, considering the expenses that run with it, as a general rule, this fantasy remains just, however, fantasy, undiscovered, that is. Be that as it may, hold up, don't surrender just yet. You can still have this ultimate long for yours acknowledged through Overseas masters scholarships which can be discovered comfortable school or university you mean to study, while others could originate from more private institutions/sources and needs some researching.

Overseas masters scholarships, in fact, is the promising finish to the present course of action. That is for those who needed to pursue a master's degree abroad, however, don't have the means to. This is the answer to the biggest test in satisfying this ultimate dream, the cost, that is. Education these days has turned out to be amazingly expensive. A great larger part of the student population is notwithstanding struggling to finish their school education from their nearby schools. This is the place. Overseas masters scholarships can be of great offer assistance.

In any case, why is overseas? Not that you don't trust the nature of education your nation of origin can give. It's just that every country has its particular reputation and specialization as far as knowledge is the concern. Isn't it a great chance to pursue a masters degree in a school understood for the field you might want to specialize in, and incredible at that? I trust this can't be taken as discrimination of some sort. Let it be known, pursuing and finishing education overseas is no easy feat for anybody.

Like some other scholarship grants, overseas masters scholarships are significantly difficult to get. It might sound like a brilliant thought anyway one can't deny the way that the process of applying such and having it endorsed is no stroll in the recreation center. Opportunities for Overseas masters scholarships are the much too low contrast with the quantity of students competing for it. This altogether, makes the street a great deal harder and more troublesome for those who wished to get their masters degree abroad.

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10 things to know before studying abroad in Ghana

10 things to know before studying abroad in Ghana

We often travel abroad for different reasons and studies are one of them. And suppose you were to travel to a country like Ghana in Africa for the first time, most probably your knowledge about the place is limited greatly.It is true there are differences, because Africa in itself has various cultures and tribes. There are few factual things that you should know about Ghana.

I. It is hot

In most of the days,the temperature ranges between 25 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius and sometimes that range is exceeded. The weather is generally very hot and very humid. What that means is that walking to and from class won't really do you well, whether you had a shower or not.Additionally, only a few class rooms often have air conditioners

For your general welfare, it is greatly recommended that you stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water.You can always carry some.

II. There's electricity

Even though there is electricity, there are always those occasional times when there are power outages. Most if not all of the learning institutions and other places like hotels and hostels often have back-up generators. But if you find yourself in a hostel that has no power backup plan, you will have to use a candle or just entertain the darkness. In terms of electronics, we know how students love those; a plug adapter and transformer are needed because Ghana uses the 230V power.

III. Blending in can be hard

That is because you are out of your comfort zone. You are meeting new and different people in everything compared to what you are normally used to. Okay, not different in everything.

You may find yourself as the only white person in a class over 150 students. It then becomes harder to skip lecturers; it would be easy to know when you are not around.

Also there's the language barrier and of course how your accent my trouble a few. For those who speak English, their accent may also trouble you. You may help yourself by learning a few the local languages like Twi which is a popular tribal language.

IV. People speak English

While it is true that there are a lot of tribal languages in Ghana, it is also a fact that Ghana was colonized by the British. So not only are people able to speak, they also are able to understand even your American accent. Of course, the accent whether yours or that of the locals, is a challenge.

V. Be patient, things take time

There's always a joke about the presence of an African time, meaning their concept of time may be different to what you are used to. Things don't usually go according to the time planned,it is normal to see a meeting,class or an appointment delayed.Additionally, don't be surprised if a waiter takes longer to serve you in a hotel. Just fit in.

VI. Yes you can get sick and there are world-class treatment facilities

One of those diseases that most foreigners are afraid of is Malaria while in actual fact the situation is not as scary as that. You can carry your medications and limit exposure to malaria disease by applying bug cream. There are always a number of pharmacies and also there's the presence of world class treatment facilities with great professionals.

VII. It is safe

Generally Africa is painted as a war-torn continent. While it is true there are wars in some countries, Ghana is among the countries in Africa that are largely peaceful. Also, it is a very religious country. But normal caution should be taken such as not walking around especially alone during odd hours or flaunting cash and expensive items.

VIII. You will be treated like a celebrity

The people are generally welcoming. There is also this common notion by most locals that most if not all foreigners that have traveled there are rich. Don't be surprised if a kid says hello to you and ask you for some money.Don't think they are rude. Even Ghanaian vendors may be pushy and very welcoming.

IX. You are at liberty to pick the programs you like

For example, it is possible to carry your studies while volunteering or even be an intern somewhere. There's also the possibility of going to class rooms with only American students. Of course there will be a lecturer for you, an American lecturer.

X. You need a travel visa

To apply for a visa, you will need to have a passport. Whether it is renewing a passport or getting a new one, it is advised that that should be done ahead of time to avoid any possible inconvenience as delays are common. You can visit the nearest Ghanaian embassy to get the necessary information. There's the option of going directly though the particular Ghanaian embassy website and you will find Visa applications instructions.

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